Toni Mcgreachan
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Creek project at APT Gallery
With Boutcher CE Primary School

A talented and gifted project devised and facilitated
By Toni McGreachan
Assisted by Jackie Kibble, staff and volunteers from the school


The project started with a tour of APT Gallery and the exhibition Ping Pong which Toni McGreachan was exhibiting in and had organised with two other artists. We had a Q & A session about the show and children sketched the works and took photographs.

The next part of the project involved visits to Deptford Creek which is directly behind APT Gallery. Children sketched, photographed, made lists observing the water surface and the objects in and around it, at different times and locations.

Back in the gallery and the studio space children made links with the art works on display and the context of the Creek.

Toni then demonstrated the techniques she used with gloss paint in her series Competere. The children then manipulated acrylic paint mixed with PVA glue in a similar way. They started by mixing up their own river colour and then making an individual Creek each using clay to hold the paint and form river banks.

The children then used their sketchbooks, photographs and notes and a range of materials to create objects seen in the Creek.


All images © the artists.